Clyde Raymond Beatty was born to Margaret Beatty on June 10, 1903, in Bainbridge, Ross County, OH, the eldest of nine children. For most of these years Margaret was a single parent, and young Clyde took every part-time job in town he could find to help his mother and siblings. He graduated from nearby Chillicothe High School, but had already succumbed to the world of the circus. On August 16, 1921, at dawn, he and Howard Smith clambered into a boxcar on the DT&I Railroad, bound for Washington Court House, OH, and joined the Howes Great London and Van Amburgh's Wild Animal Circus.   ~Roger Smith (

The Clyde Beatty Exhibit is located at Circus Ohio, 103 E Main Street, in Clyde's hometown of Bainbridge, Ohio.

Circus Ohio is open Thursdays through Sundays from 12pm to 4pm.

Private tours can be arranged by calling 740-634-0052 to schedule.

Admission: $5 Suggested Donation

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Our Collection

1949 Clyde Beatty Circus Ticket
1949 Clyde Beatty Circus Employees’ Cook House Meal Ticket
Vintage Clyde Beatty Circus Double-Sided VIP Ticket
1954 Clyde Beatty Circus Complimentary Ticket
Vintage Clyde Beatty Circus Ticket
Vintage Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus Ticket Book (10 Tickets)

1959 Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers & Hamid Morton Combined Circus Program
1933 Hagenbeck Wallace Circus Magazine
1940’s Clyde Beatty Circus Program
1953 Clyde Beatty’s Gigantic Railroad Circus Program
1936 Cole Brothers Program
1946 Clyde Beatty Circus Program & Route Book
1947 Clyde Beatty Circus Program
1963 Coliseum Christmas Circus Program
1951 Clyde Beatty Circus Program
1944 Clyde Beatty Russel Brothers Circus